On a global scale, soccer (or as it is commonly called in most other countries “football”) is the most popular sport based on its numbers alone with over 250 million players. In recent years, the sport has become increasingly popular in nations or territories such as the United States. As a result of this increased interest, the sport and its governing organization, The Federation Internationale de Football Association (“FIFA”), has been thrown into the global media arena in the past two decades. Recently unearthed information, however, has put the actions of the organization at the center of controversy for alleged charges including conspiracy and bribery of officials with regard to tournament locations and media rights agreements. With billions of dollars in revenue and a major global presence in the world of sports, the scandal surrounding FIFA and its officials will likely have significant ramifications on the operation of the organization and how it will continue after the investigations have concluded. This controversy is ongoing and new information is constantly being brought to light.

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