Attorneys researching bankruptcy law use a diverse collection of print resources to locate bankruptcy primary and secondary sources. Bankruptcy code provisions appear in Title 11 of the codified federal statutes, available either in the official U.S. Code (published by the U.S. Government Printing Office) or one of the two commercially published unofficial codes, U.S.C.A. (Thomson-West) and the U.S.C.S. (LexisNexis). Attorneys find bankruptcy rules and official forms (Rules 1-9036; Forms 1-35) in the same three sets. Researchers often find the unofficial codes preferable because they are annotated with case summaries and references to other materials and are supplemented more frequently than the U.S. Code. When an attorney needs legislative history materials about a bankruptcy code section, he or she can find legislative history information and documents in several sources, including West’s U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News as well as Collier Bankruptcy Service and Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice. Code conversion tables and rules conversion tables can be found, also with Title 11 in the three codes.

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