During the summer of 1993, Kay Todd, President Elect of the American Association of Law Libraries, named a special task force to review the Association's government relations activities, presenting it with a goal of achieving a better coordination of such activities. The charges to the Task Force on AALL's Government Relations Activities and the processes that the Task Force utilized in fulfilling these charges are outlined in the final and interim reports of the Task Force, which follow this introduction. The Interim Report of the Task Force was submitted to the AALL Executive Board prior to its April 1994 meeting for information purposes only. The Final Report, issued on June 21, 1994, outlined nine recommendations relating to AALL's government relations activities. This report was considered by the Executive Board at its July 7-8, 1994, meetings. This introduction details the Executive Board's actions on the nine recommendations of the Final Report. It is followed by the text of the Final Report, as submitted to the AALL Board but with added footnote information to facilitate access to material cited in the Report. The Interim Report is included as an appendix to the Final Report.

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The Task Force members were Laura N. Gasaway; Sarah K. Wiant; Robert L. Oakley, ex officio; and Timothy Coggins, Chair. AALL President Kay M. Todd served as the board liaison to the Task Force.