Samuel Dodd's Reports, 1678-1713 and Miscellaneous Exchequer Cases, 1671-1713

William Hamilton Bryson, University of Richmond


The cases in Samuel Dodd's reports date from 1678 to 1713. Before 1685, almost half of the cases are from the court of king's bench. Thereafter, the vast majority are from the court of exchequer; there are cases from the equity, common law, and revenue sides of this court. The remainder of the cases are unclear as to court or are notes about judges and serjeants. The miscellaneous exchequer reports in the second part of this book are taken from various sources; most are from the printed reports. The notes added by the later editors of the reports, which consist primarily of references to later cases, have not been included here; however, they may be of use to the reader, in which case, the older editions of these reports can be consulted. The purpose of this collection of cases is to put in one place the reports of exchequer cases for the period between the end of Thomas Hardres' reports and the beginning of William Bunbury's reports.