Several of these exchequer cases reported by Robert Paynell, the equity ones, were published in 2001 in volume 118 of the Selden Society publications, Cases Concerning Equity and the Courts of Equity 1550-1660. These are reprinted here with permission. Thus, all of Paynell's exchequer cases are printed together here in the order that he put them in his own compilation. Paynell's exchequer reports published here, the other exchequer cases in volume 118 of the Selden Society publications, and those in Reports of Cases in the Court of Exchequer in the Time of King Charles I (2006) make available in print and in English all of the exchequer reports from 1625 to 1648 presently known to this writer. It is hoped that they will speed the plow of those who will unearth the history of the seventeenth-century Court of Exchequer, about which not much is presently known.

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