In Criminal Offenses and Defenses in Virginia, a recognized authority on Virginia criminal law provides a comprehensive guide to criminal offenses and defenses in Virginia. The author:

  • Guides you through the substantive elements of each criminal offense and defense
  • Discusses how to charge and/or prove cases that fall at the definitional margins
  • Explains conceptual relationships among offenses (e.g., malicious wounding and attempted murder) and defenses (e.g., self-defense and misadventure) to help you better understand and argue against an opposing position

Topics covered include:

  • Abortion
  • Alcohol offenses, intoxication, and drunk driving
  • Computer and credit card crimes
  • Conspiracy and forgery
  • False pretenses and fraud
  • Insanity and incompetence
  • Necessity and the defense of others
  • Offenses against privacy
  • Public assistance offenses and welfare
  • Sex offenses, stalking, and pornography
  • Taxation
  • Terrorism, bombing, and treason
  • Weapons offenses

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On Title Page: Virginia Practice Series, 2013-2014 Edition, Volume 7.