The following is a minimally-edited transcript of the panel speakers from the 2015 Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest Symposium, Wrongful Convictions: Science, Experience and the Law held on October 29, 2015. Biographies of the speakers are included in the Introductory Remarks. None of the opinions of these persons are necessarily the opinion of their respective agencies or employers. They are not to be used nor will they be able to be used for any legally binding purpose regarding the speaker or any agency.

Moderator: Professor Mary Kelly Tate, Director, Richmond Institute for Actual Innocence

Panelists: Shawn Armbrust (Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project), Michael N. Herring (Commonwealth’s Attorney, City of Richmond), and Douglas A. Ramseur (Capital Defender for Central Virginia).

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Shawn Armbrust, Michael N. Herring & Douglas A. Ramseur

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