Business Structures

David G. Epstein, University of Richmond

Co-authors: Richard D. Freer, Michael J. Roberts, and George B. Shepherd


All law students and lawyers need to understand business structures. For law students, business structures are building blocks in other courses. For lawyers, business structures are building blocks in the lives of their clients, in the lives of their communities.

And, like law students, lawyers, clients and communities, business structures have "lives." This book covers the life cycle of a business, Bubba's Burritos, from birth to death. We will see how Bubba's Burritos' life and legal issues change as the business changes from a sole proprietorship to a partnership, to a corporation, to a limited partnership, to a limited liability company. We will also consider how the life and legal issues of Bubba's Burritos differ from those of a larger, more mature business such as McDonald's.