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A Law School was first established in Richmond College in 1870. In 1890 the family of the late Mr. T, C. Williams, who had been a devoted and useful trustee, donated $25,000 as the nucleus of an en- dowment for the Law School. In recognition of this gift, the name of the School was changed to THE T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF LAW. At various times the School has received further generous gifts from members of the family of Mr. Williams. A substantial gift came through a bequest from Mr. T. C. Williams, Jr. who, like his father, was long a trustee of Richmond College, and for twenty years was the efficient chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board. The largest of these gifts was recently received by bequest from Mr. A. D. Williams, another son of Mr. T. C. Williams.

The T. C. Williams School of Law is an integral part of the University of Richmond. The degrees in law are conferred by the corporation of the University of Richmond.

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Vol. LV, No. 2

University of Richmond Bulletin: The T.C. Williams School of Law Catalogue Number for 1952

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