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The founders of Richmond College showed rare wisdom and foresight in selecting a location for their institution. Richmond is not only the capital of Virginia, but is the best known city in the South, and one of the historic cities of the world. Enduring memorials of American heroes constantly teach lessons of patriotism and inspire young men with noble ideals. The busy city, with its varied manufactories and extensive commerce, reminds the student that the modern scholar must be practical as well as learned. Richmond lies midway between the severe cold of the North and the relaxing heat of the South. The nine months of the scholastic year have few days either too cold or too hot for comfort in studying or in outdoor exercise. By its elevation—on hills opposite the Falls of the James—it is free alike from the malaria of tidewater and from the pulmonary and enteric diseases of the mountain region.

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Richmond College [University of Richmond]


Richmond, Virginia


College Calendar, Officers of Board of Trustees, Law Faculty, General Statements, Scope of Introduction, Courses of Study, The Library, Student Organizations, Students in Law School, Graduates in Law


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Vol. 8, Number 5

Bulletin of Richmond College: Catalogue of the Law School for 1906-1907

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