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General Statement

The Richmond College Law School

The important facts about legal education have aroused the founders, trustees, instructors and friends of the Law School in Richmond College. The most determined efforts are now being made to hew out an improved road in the legal educa-tion of the South. Along with the complication in social affairs, due to our rapidly expanding industrialization, must arise and grow the highly-skilled, well-trained, socially-conscious Southern jurist. Our increased dignity and our growing in-fluence in the world make irresistible this demand upon us. Richmond College, in full time, hopes to do its part in this matter.

The geographical situation of the city, the use of all approved methods-lectures, text- and case-books; the requirements as to general education for admission (see page 10); the reasonable costs of attendance; the beneficence of the founders and friends; and the enthusiasm of the instructors, ensure the training in that mental elasticity so necessary in legal thinking, and give hope of the dawn of a brighter day in the development of law and lawyers of the South.

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Richmond College [University of Richmond]


Richmond, Virginia


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Volume XVIII, Issue No.3

Bulletin of Richmond College: Catalog of the Law School For 1916-1917

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