Haunted by the spirits of the avant-garde, the work of Rodrigo García embraces a hybrid theatrical language that is at once profoundly rooted in the aesthetic tendencies of performance, installation art, and text-based drama. García, a playwright, director, designer, and video and installation artist of Spanish nationality, was born in Buenos Aires in 1964. Since the mid-1980s, he has lived in Madrid, a city that has served as a laboratory for his company La Carnicería, which he founded in 1989. A runner-up for the Marqués de Bradomín Prize on two consecutive occasions (for Reloj and Macbeth-lmágenes), García has staged his own work-and has seen it staged by others - throughout Spain, Latin America, and Europe. He has played a prominent role in energizing the alternative theater scene in Madrid and, in addition, has enjoyed impressive success in the realm of experimental performance in France. To cite one example, in 2002, three of his pieces were produced simultaneously at the Avignon Festival: After Sun and Je crois que vous m'avez mal compris, which were staged under his own direction, in addition to Prometeo, staged by François Berreur.

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Spring 2005

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