Andrew Shen


If we do not bear the loss of this privacy then the prices would be passed along to consumers anyway. We're between a rock and a hard place there's nowhere that we can go. But I think we can be more optimistic than that and I think we can preserve privacy and I think we can further growth of electronic commerce. So let me begin with the consumer perspective. I would like to start with a trend that Mike has already done a good job of starting us out on, and that is the current popularity of personalization and customization. And this is the idea that when you go to the site they will know who you are so that they will be better able to serve you. Last year Jeff Bezos was was named Time Man of the Year for his contributions in Amazon's leading role in e-tailing world. But the most interesting part about his interview, his article in Time magazine, was towards the end when he described what Amazon wanted to do for consumers. He described that Amazon was trying to was to create a nirvana experience. That is, you would go to Amazon.com and they would give you the product you've been looking for all of your life but you didn't even know you wanted. I don't know how you all feel about shopping for others, but I was completely lost about what to get my mom for Christmas last shopping season, I'm surprised that Jeff Bezos will know.