Jeff Nemerofsky


The "interruption of computer services to authorized users," involves a violation of a series of federal and state computer-related crime laws which are designed to protect the authorized users of computer systems.Because most of these laws have only recently been legislated, and since few people have ever actually been charged with such violations, there is very little history or case law in this area. However, as computer-related crimes continue to escalate, these statutes could prove to be a positive force in efforts to catch the electronic criminals of the future. "Although there has never been accurate nationwide reporting of computer crime, it is clear from the reports which do exist . . . that computer crime is on the rise."As a matter of fact, between January 1998 and December 1998, the Computer Emergency and Response Team Coordination Center (CERT/CC)received "41,871 e-mail messages and 1,001 hotline calls reporting computer security incidents or requesting information.” In addition, they received 262 vulnerability reports and handled 3,734 computer security incidents, affecting more than 18,990 sites during this same period.

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