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Federal Broadband Law


The authors of this book have brought together a vast and varied array of experience. Mr. Thorne is the Vice President & Associate General Counsel for Bell Atlantic; Mr. Huber is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research; and Mr. Kellogg is a Partner at Kellogg, Huber, Hansen & Todd. A reader will find the occasional use of technical jargon, such as "domsats" (domestic satellites), "coax" (coaxial cable), and "syndex" rules (syndicated exclusivity rules to protect syndicated, non-network programming) to be somewhat confusing. "Telcos" and "cablecos" are telephone and cable companies, respectively. Overall, however, technical jargon is well explained for such a comprehensive look at the hightech telecommunications field. After defining the "telecosm" as the universe of telecommunications and computers, the text moves into a comprehensive technical, regulatory, and legal analysis of the telecosm's short- and long-term future.