Drew Kershen


Good afternoon. I’m very pleased to be here. I appreciate the offer and the invitation from the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology to speak at this conference. This final panel is really about liability issues related to genetically modified foods or transgenic crops. Now I just want to quickly introduce these three people, and I’m going to start on my far side with Rachel Lattimore. Rachel Lattimore is a lawyer with the firm of Arent Fox in Washington D.C., and she is going to focus her talk – and we’ve sort of agreed among ourselves so we don’t step on each other’s toes – she’s going to focus her talk really in one sense on corn and the issues about the coexistence between transgenic crops and organic crops. Don Uchtmann, who is next to me, is a professor in the College of Agriculture at the University of Illinois, and he has done a lot of work in the area of StarLink. He is really going to talk about the impact of StarLink and the legal liability that has arisen out of StarLink. I’m Drew Kershen from the University of Oklahoma College of Law, and I’m going to talk about the liability for not using genetically modified organisms.