Article Title

Letter from the Editor


Sheila Moheb


The Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest is proud to present our final issue of Volume XIV. We have enjoyed a successful year filled with compelling topics and impressive authorship. In the fall, we began Volume XIV with our publication of The General Assembly in Review, followed by an annual symposium, which focused on state legislative and judicial initiatives for establishing mental health courts in Virginia. Our subsequent issue covered an array of contemporary topics in the areas of litigation, federal procurement, and child protection programs. Our third issue centered solely on the Bill of Rights under the U.S. Constitution and became the first issue widely available to the general public. We conclude our year with our fourth issue presented here, which discusses a variety of issues that are particularly in contention among legal commentators. This issue examines: the personal and philosophical undertones possibly affecting judicial opinions; the problems posed by modem federalism markets; the potential unconstitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act; and finally, the ethical adversities faced by attorneys who engage in online social networking.