When will technology, in all its varied forms both complicated and simple, begin to give back some of the minutes, hours, and days that it has stolen from us? Slogging through emails, developing online teaching materials for courses, readying a manuscript for online submission, searching for information on the web, formatting a survey so that it prints nicely, and navigating through digital libraries and journal article repositories wastes more time than a Dean’s introductory remarks at a meeting of the full faculty, the paperwork required by a detailed-oriented IRB, or an eighth-year students’ dissertation defense.

Seeking to counter the trend towards time plundering technology, SPSP is planning to launch an internet resource that will provide members with access to the kinds of information they need to carry out their professional work: Personality and Social Psychology Connections (PSPC). Designed to complement existing web sites used by personality and social psychologists, this hybrid site would be part webbased magazine, part clearinghouse for resources, part mega-page for key links in the field, and part members-only online clubhouse. (The name “connections” is just the working name, and isn’t a particularly creative one at that. Connections is the name of the newsletter for dozens of organizations, including the NIH Institute on Aging, the American Society for Engineering Education, and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Perhaps contest is needed to come up with the best new name for the planned set of web resources.)

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Fall 2008

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