The purpose of the award is to recognize and encourage excellence in the use of library research skills in the social sciences (Criminal Justice, Economics & Management, Education, Environmental Studies, History, School of Leadership Studies, International Studies, Journalism, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies).

Upper division students are eligible, based on a research project completed during the spring semester of the academic year or during the calendar year. Papers previously submitted are ineligible.

The winning paper should demonstrate a depth and breadth of effective use of research materials in the social sciences and clear evidence of thoughtful command of these resources. Excellent research projects which do not make significant use of library research materials (e.g., experimental projects) cannot, regrettably, be considered. Undergraduate honors theses are not eligible for the Jackson Award.


Submissions from 2022


Conjugal Relation: The Shakers'Question for Frontier Kentucky, Peter Hawes

Submissions from 2018


Responses of Faith-Based Organizations to Refugee Food Shortages in Kenya and Uganda, Helen Richardson

Submissions from 2015


Case Study of the Eastern State Hospital as Evidence of English Influence on American Ideas about Mental Illness, Grace DeVries