The Invisible Truth: An Exposition of Gender Violence and Our Demands for Change
LAIS/WGSS 497: Embodied Politics of Latin America
Monday, April 16, 2018, 4-7 p.m., Lower Forum

The Invisible Truth exposition was the final project for the upper-level LALIS/WGSS seminar, “Embodied Politics in Latin America: Race, Gender, Sex, and Performance,” taught by Dr. Mariela Méndez in the Spring of 2018. “Embodied Politics in Latin America” was a class focused on the imaginative and political possibilities of performance art in Latin America, where a varied repertoire of embodied practices has helped stage resistance against acts of violence towards women.

Viewing performance as having the potential to open up a space for the inscription of the material realities of lived trauma, students worked on a final performative intervention meant to foster a meaningful conversation around sexual assault in the UR campus.

Please browse below and read the full project description, flyer, posters and photographs in this digital collection.


LAIS/WGSS 497: The Invisible Truth Collections:

Project Description, Exposition Posters and Interview Questions

Exposition Flyer

Manifesto: Our Demands for Change