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There is a two-fold reason for the assertion that to the student of American History, and especially of those chapters dealing with the Old Dominion, a study of the life of Fielding Lewis should prove one of value and intense interest. First, there is the contribution which this colonial patriot made to the Revolutionary cause. To too great an extent we associate heroism in a time of strife with courage on the battlefield. The life of Fielding Lewis is a story of courage on the side lines, a courage none the less true because it lacks military glory as a setting. But aside from his personal contribution, the associations of Fielding Lewis with the Washington family make him an interesting figure to those who would analyze the factors that played a part in the life and work of the "father of his country." A study of his life can be little more than that of a series of episodes. As such it will be told, with the hope that through these the reader can catch the spirit of the man and of the time and place which bred and his fellows.

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