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Fifteen single fathers and their children and fifteen presently married fathers and their children were Ss in this study to investigate differences in male/female conceptualizations between the children of the two different family structures as well as the influence of the fathers' self-reported sex-role on the children. The BEM Sex-Role Inventory was administered to the fathers and the Kagen Symbolic Conceptualization Test was given to the children. Analysis results indicate no sex-role differences among both groups of fathers. Children's responses were significant when 1) scores of children of married fathers and children of single fathers were compared on the feminine dimensions (F=4.70, p=4.00); 2) male children of both groups were compared (F=10.75, p=4.17); and 3) sons and daughters of married fathers were compared (F=13.67, p=4.24). Future research needs to be done in the area of parent-child interactions in the single father situation.

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