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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


There is a strong need for students at the University of Richmond to increase their involvement within the Richmond community, primarily in the area of service. This needed change in the relationship between the University and the city stems from an overwhelming concern expressed by Richmond students who do not feel as if they are connected to their surrounding community. One of the most dramatic ways to improve this relationship is to encourage college students to express themselves intellectually and socially through community service.

Today's society requires service from both leaders and followers of all ages. This focus of service is the cornerstone of the philosophy of the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond. Thus, we propose a Community Service Day (CSD), which will involve students from the Jepson School. The event will be a pilot program in its first year, but will provide the opportunity and foundation for a University-wide CSD in future years. Inclusion of CSD in the Jepson Student Government Association's by-laws ensures the growth of CSD to its fullest potential.