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John Calvin, born July 10, 1509 in the small town, Noyon, France, was the son of Gerard Calvin, who was the Apostolic Notary of the ecclesiastical court and the secretary of Bishop de Hangest. Calvin's mother, who died when he was young, was noted for her beauty and piety. As a child he went with her on her pilgrimages to view relics and kiss the bleeding wounds of statues. At the age of twelve he received the tonsure and became a chaplain in the Church.

Because the bishop saw that he had a brilliant mind, he arranged for John to study with his own nephews, Joachim and Ives de Monmor who were of the nobility. Later a small benefice provided for his further studies in Paris at the College de la Marche, or high school, the Colleges of Montaigu and Fortret, where he made a splendid record. Sent by his father to Orleans and Bouges to study law, he met Dr. Melchior Wolmar and other famous scholars who influenced his thinking.

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