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In the uncertain economy of today, there is one thing that we all can be sure of, that prices will increase. It is almost inevitable that everything will be effected by inflation: from food to gas to home heating oil. The very quality of the lives that we lead may be altered by the path that the economy of the United States is taking. The recently elected President, Ronald Reagan, has taken as his main task the stabilization of inflation. The improvement of the economy and the balancing of the federal government's budget. In order to meet these goals, President Reagan has decided that one of his objectives is to decrease federal spending. Already many cut backs in appropriations to different government agencies have been made. These cut backs seriously-effect the agencies upon which they are placed, for now these agencies, many of which provide social services (e.g. Health, Education, and Welfare), are being forced to decide which programs to terminate and which programs to reduce, in order to be able to live within their new resource allocations.

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