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Dr. Frank E. Eakin, Jr


One of the most exciting trends in the field of religion today is the continuing development of the late-in-coming Jewish-Christian dialogue. It is hoped that as the two groups continue to approach each other in open inquiry - emphasizing both those beliefs that unite the groups in spirit, as well as those which distinguish them as separate faiths - the resulting experience would enhance the lives of Jews and Christians alike.

One of the fields of academic study which naturally lends itself to this type of dialogue is the Hebrew Scriptures; more familiar in the Christian context as the "Old Testament." Speaking from a Christian context, however, the masses of the Christian faith have truly entered into a love-hate relationship with this body of literature. There is no better example of this relationship than that of Luther. Luther himself designated Hebrew Law "der Juden Sachsenspiegel" (the mirror of what is Jewish), and that which is no longer applicable to Christians. Yet at the same time, Luther made the "ten words" the first of the five main divisions of his Shorter Catechism.

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