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The constant change, fast pace, urbanization, and mobilization of our society has propagated the creation of many new and marvelous inventions. However, the waste products of increased individual stress and discontent have, in turn, created an atmosphere conducive to such things as child abuse and child neglect. It may not be determined if abuse and neglect are more prevalent now than in the past, but fortunately they are being more frequently reported, the first step in correcting the situation. Recently the issue of child abuse has been widely discussed and has come to the attention of the community and the government. However, the nebulous nature of the issue of neglect has caused some hesitation and concern among child protective service workers. As it stands now, agencies are free to interpret and deal with neglect as they see fit. This individualized approach creates much inconsistency within and between states, and therefore lowers the effectiveness of any single program designed to combat neglect. This paper was designed in order to address the multitude of basic questions inherent in this issue and provide a comprehensive outlook on what causes, constitutes, and can be done about neglect. The overview will bring together pertinent information· in the field and yield a concise report of professional opinion.

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