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Music: General


This paper is an examination of the pieces performed in a senior recital. A good performance cannot be given without a thorough understanding of the works being performed. Behind a finished recital lies not only hours of practice, but also hours of research and analysis.

In analyzing the Scarlatti sonata, I have used Kirkpatrick's terminology in referring to the form of the pieces. William S. Newman, author of The Sonata in the Baroque Era and The Sonata in the Classical Era also refers to Kirkpatrick's terminology.

In referring to specific measures and beats in a piece, I have used two numbers, the first of which designates the measure number and the second, the beat in that measure. For example, 4/2 refers to the second beat of the fourth measure.

The footnotes are found in parentheses following the section footnoted. The number refers to the page, and the abbreviation to a reference in the bibliography. Explanation of the abbreviations are found in the bibliography.

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