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Bachelor of Arts



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Dr. Frank E. Eakin, Jr.


The work of an exegete is invaluable if one is to uncover the intended meaning of any passage. Contrary to what many religionists so demonstrably insist, scripture is no exception. Scholars declare that to shy away from scripture simply because it is God's Holy Word is to do great injustice to the passage. Scripture should be open to the same careful scrutiny as is applied to any other writing. Certainly a careful study of God's Word to mankind would not cause us to dismiss scriptural utterances but would only serve to enhance our understanding of what is being transmitted to us, the modern reader.

In an exegesis of the Book of Malachi, it will be necessary to look at any number of significant matters. It will be necessary to analyze the Nevi'im within the Tenakh. It will also be quite appropriate to consider the Book of Malachi within the Nevi'im. Significant, critical data will then be looked at including author, dating, provenance, and other worthy critical concerns. I will thereupon seek to propose a suitable commentary to the book, delving into more particularistic concerns of the author, seeking to gain more of a proper insight into what the author was meaning to say to his audience. Upon conclusion of this task, I will seek to offer the reader a literal translation of the passage being considered, giving the location and syntax of each word, followed by a smooth translation, and concluding with a brief analysis of significant words and phrases.

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