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Although the scope of this paper, from February of 1647 to January of 1649, would seem rather limited, the actual impact of Leveller principles and methods was felt during this short span of time. After the final Agreement of the People in early 1649, the movement seemed to center around personal attacks, reiteration of previous ideas, and defensive measures. The establishment of the Commonwealth, under the thumb of Oliver Cromwell, left behind all the Leveller plans of government, which had been discussed and approved by the Agitators and the Army Council.

Other aspects of the Leveller movement, such as their concept of religious toleration, could have received greater attention, but it was not felt necessary to the sense of the paper. Likewise, the political situation and intrigues of the period could have been covered in a more thorough manner, but only the events pertinent to the Army-Leveller relationship were explained in detail.

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