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Restricted Thesis: Campus only access

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Bachelor of Science



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Dr. Hayden


The terpene content of 16 species of Magnolia and 5 hybrids were examined. Over 250 compounds were found, 46 of which were sesquiterpenes. Monoterpenes were found to be variable from specimen to specimen of the same species. Sesquiterpenes were found to be fairly consistent between specimens of a species. The sesquiterpenes were also found to be consistent regardless of geographic origin of the specimen and, in the case of M.stellata, between different cultivars of a species. Analysis of several hybrids shows most to have sesquiterpene profiles which are subsets of the profiles of their parental species and suggests genetic control of production of the sesquiterpenes. Little correlation was found between the sesquiterpene profiles of the species examined and the traditionally defined taxonomic sections of the genus.