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John Warwick Daniel was born on the 5th of September, 1824, in Lynchburg, and died on the 29th of June, 1910. Only sixty-eight years of life, a short period when one measures the span of a lifetime and yet he crowded into these years so much that he has rightly come to be called soldier and orator, jurist and lawgiver, statesman and senator. As a soldier he was brave, loyal and devoted to duty, winning many honors for courage and gallantry. As an orator he was noted for his eloquence, charm and unsurpassed beauty of language, and it was perhaps in this field of achievements that he reached his zenith. As a lawyer his intellectual ability, his diligence and magnetism soon won for him such a high place that few lawyers of Virginia have surpassed him. As a senator he held a high rank among the statesmen of his time, contributing much from his experience, wisdom, and intellect.

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