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Spring 1993

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The development of the Franciscan and Dominican Orders came from society's need to return to the basics and learn to live with peace and brotherly love. St. Dominic, in his optimistic ridigly governed, preaching and teaching Order and St. Francis with his strict codes and devout poverty started new trends in religion still present today. The art then evolved around these trends causing their popularity to expand to even greater distances and heights. Ironically, these new societies which based themselves on poverty brought about new wealth which could be seen in the churches, monasteries, and monumental paintings built up around them. The churches of Assisi, S. Maria Nouvella, and S. Croce are the three prime examples of this occurance in Italy. Their graceful, weightless naves alongwith their awesome ability to inspire the words of the Gospels and Bible that Sts. Dominic and Francis sought to preach into the minds and hearts of all who entered will never be forgotten. Society was ripe for change and the challenge was successfully met by the two saints; the art that sprung up only solidified their ideas keeping them constant and unchanging for the future to look back on and learn from, since that was their purpose in the first place.

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