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Leadership Studies


According to Workforce 2000, a survey report on corporate responses to demographic and labor force trends, traditional minorities (defined as people of color, immigrants, and women) will compose up to 80 percent of the United States corporate workforce by the year 2000. This displays a significant change from earlier years, where the workforce was dominated by white American males. Because of this changing ethnic and racial mix of employees, companies are becoming more concerned with ethnic diversity and the changing needs of both individuals and companies. Though these companies are concerned, not much has been done to address the growing need to prepare leaders for leading and working in a diverse society. This is where American higher education needs to take charge, as one of its goals is to prepare students for citizenship and working collectively for the good of society. The Jepson School of Leadership Studies of the University of Richmond has recognized this goal and is taking on the challenge of preparing students for leading in a diverse society.