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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


J.P. Morgan Services, Inc. implemented teams into its Private Client Group-Operations (PCG-Ops) located in Wilmington, Delaware during the summer of 1996, in an initiative the company called Realignment. The goal of my senior project is to explore the use of teams in corporate settings. By assessing how consistent the Private Client Group's Realignment initiative is with the current team development, organizational change, and organizational development literature. In this project four main concepts will be examined:

l . The reasons why JP Morgan changed from a traditional hierarchical structure to one that is team based.

2. The results of the six month analysis of the development of the Realignment teams that I presented to PCG-Ops's management.

3. Recommendations on how the PCG-Ops teams can improve their team variables: goals, roles, participation, meeting effectiveness, conflict management, recognition, feedback, group cohesiveness, energy, intergroup conflict and intragroup conflict.

4. How teams relate to leadership.