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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


Many of today's universities encourage students to develop an ethic of service. Administrators, faculty, and staff members accompany students in campus-wide service activities; a number of collegiate honor societies reward students who engage in community service; and some academic programs require students to volunteer with local non-profit organizations. At its best, service learning inspires students to make a general commitment to service. The current emphasis placed on service learning in today's educational system reveals an emerging academic perspective not only on the value service has as an educational device but also on the significant role service plays in society. For example, with particular regard for service's function in society, the Jepson School of Leadership Studies promotes leadership as service to society. Its mission statement reads, "The Jepson School will develop people who understand the moral responsibilities of leadership and are prepared to exercise leadership in service to society." As a student at the Jepson School, I have experienced firsthand the emphasis placed on service in the leadership studies curriculum. In fact, the Jepson School's requisite service learning course inspired this project.