Chris O'Neil

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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


In my study of the Central Virginia Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, I have chosen not to focus on the departure of the Executive Director, Jacqui Kozsuch, who is leaving for personal reasons. I have instead focused on the issues that are going to be relevant and important for the growth of the chapter in the future, such as the board involvement, fund.raising strategies and meeting the needs of the clients.

Based on my research and observation, I think that the chapter has made a turn for the better and has the groundwork laid for future success. All of this is dependent on the commitment and genuine involvement of all members of the chapter. The services and programs will continue to expand, as long as the necessary funds can be obtained either through events or planned giving.

In the past, the responsibilities of the chapter has fallen on the shoulders of a few people. The leadership needs to spread the responsibility among all levels of the chapter in order for the organization to remain successful.