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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


This project involves many issues regarding organizational leadership. It seems in the past, all people thought of was management. True, those were different times, when manufacturing was the primary means of employment and factory workers were everywhere. As businesses have progressed through the industrial revolution and the service industry has become more prevalent, the workforce has changed with the times. This requires new thoughts on organizational leadership. It cannot be said that leadership does not change as the situation and/or the followers change. Likewise, as we progress into future, un-chartered territory, leadership will be affected. This paper seeks to determine where organizational leadership was in the early 1980's, where it is at present, and where it is going.

The contribution to leadership of this study is in its analysis of leadership curricula. By comparing and contrasting today's programs with the foresight of experts, we can gauge where we are and where we need to be going. Furthermore, we can see exactly how different institutions approach teaching leadership in organizations and test its fit for where organizations are heading. Hopefully, past research will be furthered using modem examples and predictions pertinent to the changing organization's environment.