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This project began with a very specific idea (to tell students about the city of Richmond) and ended up raising questions that apply to all colleges and universities, but particularly metropolitan colleges and universities whose students are generally not from the immediate area. The research presented here is generally tailored to apply to the program and opportunities at the University of Richmond and in the Richmond area. However, through data collection and learning information about what other colleges do, in addition to reviewing literature that applies to all colleges, I believe that the most logical next step is to begin research on a broader scale.

In evaluating the city-orientation programs, we can drive at questions regarding how they impact the freshmen year experience and the over-all college experience, but another measure that can be made over the long run is whether or not students end up settling in the area after they have been more familiar with the city for four years. Or more specifically, we could determine whether they have the ability to make a better decision about settling based on the information they have. There are many other factors that weigh into this decision, but it is an interesting question worth exploring.

While the idea of introducing students to the city is not a brand new idea, it is a growing one throughout colleges and universities. Continuation of this research can determine whether a formal orientation is helpful to students, in both the short-term and long-term.