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Leadership Studies


The question of gender's influence on leadership styles is an important topic in the modern organizational world. The face of the organization is changing, with new demands being made of management. Organizations no longer depend on rigid hierarchies to achieve their goals, but rather these organizations seek innovation and communication. To achieve these new objectives, organizations are searching for leadership from their executives, managers, and employees.

It is of primary importance to determine whether men and women demonstrate the same leadership behaviors or demonstrate significantly different styles of leadership. This knowledge may substantially aid an organization in utilizing the most effective styles of leadership in certain situations. In the past, leadership studies assumed that men and women exhibit the same behaviors. Recent research is questioning the validity of that assumption. Furthermore, with more and more women participating in the work force, the populations of organizations are changing. Therefore, research on gender in relation to leadership behaviors is necessary in order to understand this new work force. These trends in the workplace necessitate that more information be known about both leadership in general and women's leadership styles.