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Project America was founded as a grassroots organization which uses a national day of service as a vital means of promotion of volunteerism. It targets people from all walks of life, from elementary school students to senior citizens, Girl Scouts to union members. It is an organization that exists to promote and empower citizens to improve their communities. The primary objective of Project America is "to engage citizens in addressing issues important to them on a local level through volunteerism. This year round mission is anchored in an annual national day of community improvement, Project America Day."1

The founders of Project America started the organization with a dream, a national day of community improvement. In its three years of existence, Project America has made significant strides to achieve this dream. With every article in a newspaper, every link established on the World Wide Web, with every project registered, more and more Americans are learning about volunteerism through Project America. This research project is yet another means by which Project America will promote volunteerism. In its basic language and simple approach, it will make service easy for the teacher, the college student and the corporate executive. It will challenge these individuals to examine their own motivations to serve. Through their service, they have the potential to discover a willingness to lead. Project America, itself a leader, is helping to create servant leaders in this nation. This guide plays a part in that development. It was written in the hopes that in several years, American calendars will look a little different. Among the squares that read Groundhog Day and Arbor Day, there will read a small caption on one day in October. Project America Day.