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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


With the onset of emerging technologies in both corporate and educational settings, the need arises for institutions to incorporate the latest advancements in these technologies in order to remain competitive. This means that educational institutions like the University of Richmond must be prepared to educate students by not only incorporating the latest knowledge that can be applied to the various components of a liberal arts education, but also including applicable technologies that enhance the learning potential of liberal arts course work. The focus of this paper is to discuss a proposal regarding the most appropriate way to make a prominent school within the University of Richmond interactive with respect to latest technological advancements in hardware and software that are currently available. The school to be chosen for this proposal is the Jepson School of Leadership Studies.

The research and the interviews that were conducted for this report and proposal brought together some very basic leadership issues that face organizations on a regular basis. these issues relate to the impact and the tolerance of changes that need to be made when any type of technology is planned to be included into the learning or work environment of an organization. It was determined from interviews with students, faculty, and administration that there is, in fact, an interest in having interactive software and hardware support the leadership studies curriculum; however, there are concerns about whether or not this is even a realistic option for the Jepson School in light of its existing technological limitations.