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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


John Gardner sent out a plea for humanity. He claimed that there is a crisis in leadership; a lack of competent leaders to meet today's challenges. (On Leadership, 1990) One of today's foremost challenges is educational reform. Education demands the attention of leaders. By addressing the crisis in education, the crisis in leadership can be simultaneously improved.

The Jepson School curriculum is. designed to teach students for and about leadership. As a student, I have enhanced my potential to alleviate the crisis in leadership and contribute to my community in leadership/ followership contexts. However, integral sources from all systems of society need to take responsibility for educational opportunities that will prepare society for global challenges in leader and follower roles.

Our society is collapsing under the side effects of educational disparity. Without the proper foundation, organizations, communities, and nations fail to renew. Leaders cannot be cultivated without the resources for multifaceted education and followers cannot take initiative without opportunities for growth. The time is past ripe. Conditions will continue to deteriorate as society withers from human suffering.