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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


Art and leadership. Are there any connections? There has been very little research done on the relationship between art and leadership. However, it is about time that we become reflective practitioners and examine the context of art as a manifestation of leadership. Art and leadership are similar and primarily united along the lines of their ability to transcend time and use of the right brain hemisphere.

It should now seem quite apparent how the arts and leadership are connected. Both are multi-faceted fields which lack universal definitions. They pose similar questions to the scholars and practitioners within their respective disciplines. They feed off of one another as students of one discipline can learn many things from students of the other, such as particularity, variety, and contextuality. Both transform individuals and entire cultures through their ability to transcend time. Finally, both relay heavily on the use of the right-brain for their creative endeavors in order to gain and empower followers. These are just a few of the ways in which leadership and the arts are united. By becoming reflective practitioners, we will undoubtedly unearth many other similarities as well.