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Leadership Studies


This paper explores leadership, social responsibility and business ethics. Business ethics have become a contradiction of terms due to the lack of accountability inherent in corporate structure. An exploration of ethical theory is an attempt to demonstrate that corporations can be seen as leaders. If a corporation can be an actor and a leader it can be held morally accountable for the changes that it makes on the environment and society.

Corporations make decisions, influence society, structure jobs, produce, innovate and change. Corporations act as leaders. As a leader it is essential that a corporation be socially responsible. The individuals that are within the corporation must be held accountable for actions which fall outside the goals of the corporation. These actions were made from personal motives and for personal reasons. These actions are therefore the property of the individual. Any corporate goals that are not morally sound must be challenged by the ultimate power over a. corporation, society.

It is through this model that the reality of a corporation as leader can be utilized by society to demand ethical action. Corporations are exceptionally powerful leaders that create immense change. An entity of this importance must be held accountable for its actions as a moral leader. Society and the legal system are one tool to hold corporations accountable for their action. The executives and directors can also hold corporations accountable.