Adam Ward

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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


The idea for my senior project was born out of a struggle. I had tinkered with several thoughts regarding potential projects, hut I was not eager to dedicate myself to something toward which I felt little passion. When Dr. Hickman mentioned the possibility of examining the opportunities for leadership among Special Olympics athletes, I was intrigued. In high school I donated time with The Miriam School, which catered to special-needs students. For my service learning project in the spring of my junior year I had the opportunity to work in the Special Education classroom of Three Chopt Elementary School - a class that included between ten and twelve students with varying degrees of mental and physical challenges. This background provided a foundation that, coupled with one of my true loves - athletics, led to Special Olympics becoming the perfect topic to study for my final Jepson project. My project will examine Special Olympics itself; how it works, and the current benefits for athletes. I will also seek to examine what,. if any, strategies Special Olympics uses to encourage, foster, and develop leadership among the athletes. If found lacking in this area, I will propose ideas and a plan of action that will enable this development to happen.