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This Torts I exam was given on January 21, 1933. Students were given three hours and asked to give a full explanation for all conclusions. This exam begins with the following question:

I. Ale, canoeing up a river, landed on an island owned by Bottle. Bottle found the empty canoe on the shore and cast it adrift. When Ale discovered this, he went to Bottle and demanded that Bottle lend him a row boat to enable him to get across to the mainland, a quarter mile away. Upon Bottle's refusal, Ale jumped in Bottle's row boat, but before he could cast off Bottle grabbed him and pulled him out of the boat. Ale landed a severe blow on Bottle's jaw, knocking him unconscious. Cork, Bottle's son, intervened at this point with a shot gun and began firing at Ale, who took flight and swam across to the mainland.

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts I Exam, 21 Jan 1933