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This Torts II exam, given on July 28, 1934, begins with the question:

1. At a busy intersection two motorists, Austin and Buick, both driving negligently, collided. Austin was thrown senseless into the street. Buick was badly shaken up but not otherwise hurt. Buick's guest, Cherry, was also thrown out and rendered helpless by a broken leg. Dodge, driving a bus, could have seen the collision in time to stop, but his attention was momentarily diverted by some incident on the sidewalk. When he did observe the effect of the collision it was too late to avoid running over the men. In the latter accident Austin received a broken leg, Cherry was killed, and Buick, who at the time was endeavoring to drag Cherry to the sidewalk, also received injuries. Discuss the tort liability of the several parties.

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts II Exam, 28 Jul 1934