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This exam, heavily annotated, was given on January 28, 1935. It begins with the following question:

Blackacre was owned by Buck who kept and trained wild animals for the circus on a portion thereof. The remaining portion was occupied by Buck and his paramour and housekeeper, Ida. Dare, an expert parachute jumper, while giving a twilight exhibition, reasonably mistook Blackacre to be the adjoining exhibition field and jumped from his plane. He was headed toward the menagerie when fortunately the wind unexpectedly changed, diverted his course, and caused him to land in Buck's vineyard. In landing Dare was stripped of all his clothing. While exploring in the darkness Dare learned that his only means of escape was through the animal lot. In the meantime Buck discovered the parachute and placed it on his straw hut as a covering. Dare later discovered the hut, aroused Buck, and demanded of him the parachute to use as clothing in order that he might return home. Upon Buck's refusal Dare took from beneath Ida's head a suit of clothes belonging to Buck which was being used by her as a pillow, but before Dare could escape Buck grabbed him. Dare landed a severe blow on Buck's stomach causing him to fall helpless to the floor. The fall awakened Ida who intervened, recovered the suit, and set an apparently dangerous but entirely harmless bull dog on Dare, who took flight and reached home, two miles distant, unnoticed and unharmed by the animals. Discuss the rights and liabilities of the parties.

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts I Exam, 28 Jan 1935