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This torts quiz, given by law school dean and professor William T. Muse on October 23, 1968, consists of one question:

While playing in A 's back yard A and B, each 12 years of age, argued whether A's dog was a thoroughbred. In order to get a good look, B crawled into the dog house with a flashlight. A closed the door and held B inside for five minutes when A's mother, M, ordered him to release B. Upon being released, B, in retaliation, threw the flashlight at A. It missed its mark and went in the direction of M who dodged and inadvertently bumped into C, a neighbor who had stopped through curiosity, knocking from her grasp a transistor radio she was carrying. What torts, if any, have been committed? By whom? Against whom? Why or why not?

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts Quiz, 23 Oct 1968